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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Preparing for a visit from Andrea Davis Pinkney: We want you to know...

My fourth and fifth graders have been reading books by and learning about Andrea Davis Pinkney in advance of her visit. 

They would like to tell her these things:

You write interesting books

You are a very thoughtful writer and make wonderful stories

I enjoy reading her books.

You are very thoughtful and get really emotional when talking about the past and your own books.

Her books are really good and inspiring

We would like to tell her that her books really help us understand the civil rights movement/time of racism. 

The Red Pencil amazed me because there are not many books about kids living in a refugee camp.

Your books are awesome!

We used your books when we studied the civil rights movement.

I think  it's cool tat you and your husband work as a team!

Your  books deeply show the injustices of black women back then.

Congratulations on being a New York Times best selling author

I studied the March on Washington, and I really liked how you added the part when Mahaila Jackson said, "Tell them about your dream Martin!" Because not many people know about it. (Leni)

I really enjoy the Martin and Mahalia book. The book is very powerful and moving and is about a very interesting topic.

The Red Pencil is a really good book! 

I like that it seems  that you put time into your books

We want to tell her that she is an amazing writer and she inspires many people including us.

I would love to tell her that her books are amazing and when I stop reading I can't stop thinking about that book and than has the great urge to read more fantastic books.

We want to tell her that we think it's important to raise awareness about black equality because some people still don't understand that it's really wrong to not let black people have equal rights.-Orly

We enjoy the books you write.

We studied the Civil Rights Movement in 4th grade.

We would like to tell her that we are really enjoying the books we're reading that you wrote.

I like the way you wrote the Red Pencil.  

We are exited to meet you!

That she is an awesome author and she makes a great team with her husband.

We would like to tell you that we're looking forward to meeting you in person.

We are very exited about your upcoming visit.

I would like to tell how great your books are.

We can't wait to meet you!

I think you are a great writer

We really enjoyed reading your book Martin & Mahalia

I am watching an Alvin Ailey production soon (Miles)

I think it is impressive that you have written 32 books.

One thing we would like to tell Andrea Davis Pinkney is that she has written several books that we enjoyed reading.

These are some wonderful things to share!

To see what they have learned about Andrea Davis Pinkney and her work read this blog post. To read about what they are wondering about Andrea and her work, click here.  

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