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Friday, February 26, 2016

A third grade World Read Aloud Day palooza

Wednesday was World Read Aloud Day, but we're celebrating all week. WRAD is a global literacy initiative founded by LitWorldLitWorld empowers young people to author lives of independence, hope, and joy. 
Read Aloud. 
Change the World. 
By connecting with other readers, we're helping to demonstrate the importance of reading along with bringing attention to the work of closing the global literacy gap.

This week the third graders connected with Lauren CastilloLouise Borden, and Claire Nivola along with students in Cathy Potter's class in Maine. We have been blessed with some amazing read aloud partners all week. 

Here's a look at these visits:

Lauren Castillo

Louise Borden

Claire Nivola

Cathy Potter
I couldn't video since we were taking turns reading Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds, so here are two pictures:

Read Aloud. 
Change the World. 

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