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Monday, February 8, 2016

Recent Reads: Fenway and Hattie

"Get a dog’s-eye view of the world in this heartwarming, enthusiastic “tail” about two best friends."

And what a tale it is!

Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe is the story of a lovable canine hero eager to guide and protect Hattie, his small human and best friend, as they navigate a move to a new neighborhood. 

Victoria does a fabulous job of capturing a dog's perspective. She places the reader solidly and authentically in Fenway's shoes (or paws as it were). We want so desperately for Food Lady and Fetch Man (Hattie's parents) to understand what Fenway is trying to tell them. Don't they see how slippery the evil floor is? Can't Hattie see how much he wants to help? I am hoping to bring Victoria into my school to talk about perspective in writing. In the meantime, her classroom guide is a fabulous start.

Not only do we get a dog's eye view of the world, we also get an opportunity to touch upon weightier topics such as the emotional impact of: moving; changing friendships; and, new opportunities. Fenway and Hattie is full of heart. Both light-hearted and heart-warming, the story left me hoping to find additional pages hidden beyond the cover. I was hooked! How could I leave life with this energetic, misunderstood, squirrel-chasing, protagonist? 

Check out the Fenway and Hattie 

About Fenway and Hattie
"But when his family moves to the suburbs, Fenway faces a world of changes. He’s pretty pleased with the huge Dog Park behind his new home, but he’s not so happy about the Evil Squirrels that taunt him from the trees, the super-slippery Wicked Floor in the Eating Room, and the changes that have come over Hattie lately. Rather than playing with Fenway, she seems more interested in her new short human friend, Angel, and learning to play baseball. His friends in the Dog Park next door say Hattie is outgrowing him, but that can’t be right. And he’s going to prove it!" ~ from the publisher

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