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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ReedALOUD: SWAP! (Once more!)

What would you swap for this red button?
This is just the question that I asked my kindergarten students this morning.
It's the question that leads me into reading SWAP , written and illustrated by Steve Light and published by Candlewick Press. SWAP is a book about friendship, creativity, and persistence. In SWAP, a young sailor (or is it a pirate?) helps his sad friend repair his ship. This is a wonderfully interactive read aloud with elements of math, science, and reasoning. 
So, what would my kindergarten students SWAP me for my red button?

Here is what they answered:

"In a young scalawag's first tale of bartering, a peg-legged youngster sets out to help his captain repair his vessel. One button for three teacups. SWAP! Two teacups for four coils of rope. SWAP! And so it goes, until the little swashbuckler secures sails, anchors, a ship’s wheel, and more . . . including a happy friend. Steve Light’s intricate pen-and-ink illustrations, punctuated by brilliant blue and other hues, anchor this clever tale of friendship and ingenuity."

Here's my experience reading SWAP! with my first graders. 
What would you SWAP for a red button?

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  1. I just got this book for my library! Perfect timing! Thanks for the great ideas!