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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What Poem is in Your Pocket?

 Poem in Your Pocket Day 
is Thursday, April 30!
Each year on Poem in Your Pocket Day, schools, bookstores, libraries, parks, workplaces, and other venues ring loud with open readings of poems from pockets. We will be as well! Each child has written, chosen, and/or memorized a poem.
The fourth graders have made beautiful and informative posters.

We'll be celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day in the following ways:

Every person in the school - students, teachers, staff, and other individuals - will carry a poem (or two or three)

Fifth grade students will be handing out poems to parents before and after school

The principal will begin the day by reading a poem over the intercom system

Our cafeteria will become a poetry jam, with students reading poetry during the lunch blocks. (I expect to hear much snapping!)

There will be poetry moments during the school day where everything stops and students share poems with one another.

Here are some other ways we have celebrated in the past:

I will carry this poem in my pocket

Poem in Your Pocket Day: Deconstructed and Reconstructed

A Poem. A Pocket.

It was a Guyku/Galku Celebration

This is a movie showing how one library celebrates the day:

Other ways to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day

Check out the posters the students made!

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