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Friday, April 10, 2015

Thanks for visiting us, Chris Haughton!

Lucky Us! 
Chris Haughton came visiting on Tuesday. 
He was in the U.S. to accept his Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award for the book Shh! We Have a Plan. 

The students LOVE all three of his books, as evidenced by the amount of fan art that keeps popping up! 
You can see other book-related lessons here and here. During the visit, Chris read his books, talked about the book-creating process, got the students dancing, and answered questions. It was a fun and full visit!

While sharing Oh No, George, Chris brought his George puppet, which got into a bit of mischief gobbling cake and dumping trash. No worries though, they were just paper!

The lights in our Centre don't have a dimmer, so to see the screen, we turned them all off. It made the reading quite dramatic. Chris did a fantastic job of acting out the stories.

There was time for questions, but as with all author/illustrator visits, never enough time. 

The first grade students thanked Chris and wrote down additional questions:
It was a fab visit!
Come back soon, Chris!

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