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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Little Owl Lost

The first graders and I read Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton today. We are exploring all of Chris's books prior to his visit. The students loved this book just as much as Shh! We have a Plan. Really though, what is NOT to love about an adorable owl, who is lost, but for whom a well-intentioned squirrel comes along to help, and for whom a frog happens to know the location of his mother. Did that make sense? Have a look:

The first graders shared their thoughts, insights, and ideas via Voicethread. They described their own mothers. They made predictions.  Knowing that the little owl was probably going to fall back out of the nest, they brainstormed other mother owl features and which animals that squirrel might lead the little owl to next.  The comments begin on the second slide.

AND they created their own owl-inspired art: 

A few words about this book
The endpapers in this book are just as beautiful as in Shh! We Have a Plan.  I would love them as wallpaper or maybe a vinyl. 

The foreshadowing is wonderful for young readers.

I love the "Oh, no!" groan that occurred for each of the four classes when they noticed the little owl leaning a bit to far to the right at the edge of the nest.

The illustrations allow for *aha!* moments for close readers.
When talking about how illustrators use body language to demonstrate emotions, we had a fun time with this one:
We guessed what the little owl and frog might be thinking when the mother owl invites the squirrel and frog up to the nest for cookies.

This was much fun.


  1. When I was presenting this book to my booksellers prior to publication, I would act out all the scenes with each turn of the pages. What a TREAT to have him visit your students! I will be there with you in spirit. :->

    1. We are quite excited as you can see! I can imagine acting out those scenes and page turns. What fun!