"I have always imagined that Paradise will be some kind of library." ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It was a Guyku/Galku Poetry Celebration

I love the sound of
students working together
creating beauty.

I was inspired to write this Galku because of what I recently witnessed in my library.  I watched and listened to students sharing their ideas and counting out syllables together.  

"How many syllables does awesome have?"  

My answer? Two...but really...

Guyku inspired
is awesome indeed!

Check it out!

I think my favorite Guyku in the book by Bob Raczka and Peter H. Reynolds, is the one about a puddle and a sister...

"If this puddle could 
talk, I think it would tell me
to splash my sister."

This is such a universal experience, regardless of gender.  I still love splashing someone when a puddle is near!

After learning How to Guyku and being inspired by those in the book, my third graders set pen to paper. Well, first they did some reflection!  And then they set pen to paper.

They finished these the day before Poem in Your Pocket Day, so I had the students write the Guyku and Galku on a pocket and then had their illustration coming out of the pocket.

Inspiration indeed...I love these! ...just...don't count all the syllables...sometimes passion or creativity took precedence.

My third graders loved writing and illustrating these Guyku and Galku!


  1. Love this - the poems, the students, their teacher, the fun, the Animoto. . .