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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hate That Cat...LOVE this reader's theatre performance

Neither Standardized Testing....
Nor a School Holiday....
Nor Vacation....
Can keep these students away from their Sharon Creech reading and projects.

The books have been read. 

The Reader's Theatre Scripts are being created, practiced and performed. 

The questions are yet to be asked and the letters are soon to be written.

Here's a glimpse, okay, it is more than a glimpse...it is a group's performance.  

We all have a lot to learn (clears throat - ahem...especially me...the videographer and time manager), but we have to begin somewhere, correct? 

Love this author.
Love these students.
Love this RT Performance of Hate That Cat.


  1. Awwww. Love these (sometimes wiggly) students, love their RT of HATE THAT CAT, love their teacher. xx

  2. :)

    Love that author even more!

    So wiggly! Maybe Friday is not a good day to choose to film... ;)