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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Skyping with Stephen McCranie is a good way to learn about...

...a different way of writing that you don't learn in class."

What inspired these fourth graders to say these things?
A visit with

of the Mal and Chad series

Stephen kept 100 fourth graders in rapt attention
on this Wednesday afternoon.

He shares important messages about writing and creativity:

"Give your characters a problem to solve. 
It will make your story more interesting."

"Making mistakes is natural and critical to learning."

"Think about shapes when you are drawing characters"

"Writer's block is not that you cannot write, 
it is that you are not writing what you want to write or 
like what you are writing."
The students loved guessing these characters based upon their shapes. Mickey Mouse was guessed before the second ear was drawn.

To put advice to the test, the students gave Stephen a character, an activity and a problem. 

Stephen shared his screen so the students could watch him draw.
Our young character wants a limo, so he's gotten a job selling chicken at a stand. Unfortunately there are some very hungry dogs about, fortunately he has dog spray and a very LARGE cat. Luckily, they all realize it was a big misunderstanding and live happily ever after.

Want to see and hear more of our visit?

The students left excited and ready to begin creating their own stories. I can't wait to read them.

Thank you, Stephen!