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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Biographies for Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month, here are biographies that I have enjoyed sharing with my students (all year long). I have included resources from TeachingBooks, publishers, and the authors along with footage that compliments the books.

I begin with Eleanor Roosevelt. She and Eleanor of Aquitaine top my list of most admired people.  
Eleanor: Quiet No More by Doreen Rappaport

Eleanor Roosevelt on What's My Line?
Elizabeth Blackwell
Wangari Maathai

Alice Roosevelt
What to do About Alice? by Barbara Kerley
Author webpage on Alice Roosevelt.
The song written for Alice Roosevelt:

Alice Roosevelt talking about her father's inauguration:

Sylvia Earle
An interview with Sylvia Earle:

Fannie Farmer
Fannie in the Kitchen by Deborah Hopkinson
Harriet Tubman
TeachingBooks Resources

An interview with Kadir Nelson:

Esther Morris
I Could Do That! Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote by Linda Arms White and Nancy Carpenter

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Elizabeth Leads the Way! by Tanya Lee Stone
Teacher Guide
An interview with Tanya Lee Stone:

Mary Kingsley
This young girl's report on Mary Kingsley is impressive.

This is a preview of documentary about Mary Kingsley

Jane Goodall
Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell

Annette Kellerman

Mermaid Queen by Shana Corey


Georgia O'Keefe
Georgia in Hawaii by Amy Novesky
A slideshow of her paintings:

Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low
Here Come the Girl Scouts! by Shana Corey
Ida Lewis
The Bravest Woman In America by Marissa Moss

Other biographies about women who inspire:

Basketball Belles by  Sue Macy
Podcast with author 

Stone Girl, Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt 

Rosa by Nikki Giovanni

Shelley : Bound for Legend by Robert D. San Souci

Coretta Scott by Ntozake Shange

Hiromi’s Hands by Lynne Barasch

America’s Champion Swimmer: The Story of Gertrude Ederle by David Adler

Only Passing Through by Anne Rockwell

When Marian Sang by Pam Munoz Ryan

Wilma Unlimited by Kathleen Krull

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