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Friday, November 1, 2013

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild and so do some of my students

Today we read 
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Today is the start of Picture Book Month.  I normally feel pressure with things like this.  What book do I choose to kick off the celebration?  This time, it was actually easy. I have been holding onto Mr. Tiger Goes Wild for just this month.  I love this book.  You can check out my review and my post for the book blog tour. 

It was incredibly fun to share this book with my second graders. They quickly feel into Mr. Tiger's court. One of the classes even started a "Mr. Tiger" chant to support his wild side.  Another class was so taken with the "naked" Mr. Tiger that when the final spread opens and other animals are taking a walk on the wild side, they gasped at all the "naked" animals.  Ha!  Thank you Peter Brown, for showing us how quickly something like animals in proper clothes with proper behavior can be the norm and animals running around in the forest with no clothes becomes wild and risky!

I was surprised that it was difficult for about half the students to identify a time they went a little wild.  Interesting and informative for me.  Happily, a few had no trouble sharing some wild times. 

**I used this opportunity to have the students recall what they know about the Caldecott Award and to read the book with that in mind.  Their vote?  A big thumbs up!

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