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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

I was heading to the river for a swim and picked up Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown.

It seemed fitting to bring this book with me to my own wild haven.

I gave Mr. Tiger a tour.

Settled him on a rock
and went for my swim.

I then sat down to read the book.

I do not make predictions on this blog,
but this book should win something, 
something big, like say, a Medal.

I could talk about this book as I do with my students when we are learning about the Caldecott, about how the illustrations compliment and extend the text, how the execution is excellent, how the use of pencil, ink and watercolor creates an organic feel, but that would do this book a disservice. So I will tell you how I feel about this book. 

I love it. It is brilliant.

It is a book that calls you to explore each page.
The weight and feel of the paper make the page turn significant.
The page turns themselves are perfect.
The color palate, textures and patterns draw the eye to look, over and over again.
It is a book that reminds each of us to find our own path
and going a little wild (in the right time and place) 
is not such a bad thing.
In a society lacking ample 
unsupervised and unstructured play 
for children, 
this book reminds us of its importance 
and hopefully inspires some good, clean, wildness.  
Who hasn't experienced this moment 
of knowing you are about to do something 
that goes against the grain?
It's a celebration of the natural world!
Peter Brown's suns ignite the page.
I love the delicate and energetic tendrils that spiral out of it.
I am drawn to the the wild country.
The green hues and patterns beckon the reader 
to explore each leaf.
There's humor!  
The illustrations capture  moments of whimsy or absurdity 
and allow the reader to quickly identify 
with Mr. Tiger and his friends. 
I come from a family that frolics in the absurd. 
Ministry of Silly Walks, anyone? 
There's so much to share about this book, 
but that would spoil the pleasure of reading it for the first time. 
  This book wants to be read, 
and it wants to be read over and over again,
Which it will be, 
by children and adults alike.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until September, when the book comes out!

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