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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

These kindergarten students are wondering about a lot of things

I am continuing the inquiry exploration with my kindergarten students.  We've been learning about fiction and nonfiction books. You can read about our last few weeks in the links below:

Learning about our "Wonder Wall." 

We're wondering about...

Bear Has a Story to Tell Gets These Students Thinking

Here's what I am learning, these five-year-olds have some wonderful wondering thoughts:

To finish up this exploration, the students used Kid Pix to create pictures of what they are wondering about.  Kid Pix allows students to add their voices to their pictures.  Not only does this process give each student a voice, it also gives them an opportunity to practice and evaluate recording their voices. 

We're leaving this unit for a while and heading into an author study.  I plan to have the kindergarten students come back to the Wonder Wall project a few more times this year to see how their idea of inquiry and questioning progresses.

**Throughout this process they have been actively choosing both a fiction book and an information (nonfiction) book from our Wonder Wall.**

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