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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wherein "Your Reader, Kate" Sends Me a Letter

I opened my email today to discover this letter from a student about the books by Chris Rylander, The Fourth Stall and its sequel, The Fourth Stall, Part II.  Wow!  This was completely self-motivated and self-directed. This year continues to be one where each day is better than the last.  Check it out.

Dear Ms. Reed,

This author Chris Rylander is really very unique, his words twist and turn your brain around until it's almost confusing as the vein in the human body.  He writes with a lot of discrepancy too!  For example,"A bear wearing a pretty dress angle wings and a halo would still eat you if it were hungry enough" and "This whole thing was turning into a black hole, which is a thing that consumes all matter, something from which nothing can escape, where no light can existed at all.", "... he was acting like he was more tightly wound than a fishing reel with a 20 foot,to ton shark on the other end."  These quotes are just the beginning,  the characters are so thought through it takes the whole book just to find the true secret hidden beneath all the stones of secrets, if I may.  My favorite character is Trixy, and Hanna Carol, but not wanting to kill the story I won't exploit her third name. But Mr. Dewey Louie-Booey would be so cool to have at our school.  

I read the uncorrected proof and even though the story was misspelled at times or grammatically incorrect, it was enthralling and exhilarating to read.  I was so happy when you brought it to me but I do have a few questions.  First, I finished the book but Anna and Ellen, having read book one, really want to read part two, so do you want it back or can I pass it along to them?   Second, if any of the other teachers read book one, did they have any comments and do you need it because I think it would be a great read-aloud for my or other classes!  I understand that you wanted the book before the vacation so I could have them (Anna and Ellen) read it really quickly or just give it back to you.  We can talk in class tomorrow or I could come after school if you are busy.

Your Reader,

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  1. How perfectly perfect to have a student reader who reviews so wonderfully!