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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just like Pierre, these students care!

I spent the last two days talking with students about Maurice Sendak and the books he both wrote and illustrated as well as some of those he illustrated for other authors.

I also showed the students the video clip of Pierre put to music by Carole King.

I can tell you that approximately 75 third graders and 100 fourth graders were mesmerized...my library was silent...they wanted to watch more of Really Rosie but we had run out of time! (Here's a great blog post from NPR about the Sendak/King collaboration for Really Rosie.

During their browsing time, I had them share their thoughts about Maurice Sendak in thought bubbles I had set up on a word document.

Two classes also made Wordles.

Two other things that really made me happy?

1. A student asked if he could write a Haiku about Maurice Sendak.  My answer?  "Of course!"

Maurice Sendak is
really cool. I wish he was
still alive today.

2. A student asked if he could create a Wordle of the titles of the Maurice Sendak books he had read.  My answer?  "Of course!"

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