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Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Tuesday Morning...

Sharon Creech came a visiting...

Apologies to Uri Shulevitz, but this was a very One Monday Morning experience, just as the young boy's day is brightened by royal visitors, both my day and my students' day were brightened by a visit with Sharon Creech.

Brightening my day!

And my students' day!
I loved watching my students' faces react to her stories.  It was a beautiful moment..or moments as it were. They loved seeing her Newbery Medal and seeing the covers of her books in different languages and hearing the stories behind the stories.

When I asked a class today to describe the visit, I heard words like inspiring, thought-provoking, awesome, cool, helpful and special, just to name a few.

I opened up the blog to comments:

Sharon Creech Comes a Visiting...Virtually

Check out these comments on the thank you card:

I'm creating a bulletin board display of the visit:

One Tuesday Morning...Sharon Creech Came a Visiting...

...and what a gift it was.

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  1. Love love love your students - it was a memorable and fun visit. Thank you for the great questions and for the enthusiasm! xx Your Author