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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Of crayons and students

For the past few years the art teacher and I have combined our efforts during the school raffle fundraiser and offered a joint teacher excursion.

Our "excursion" is usually spent moving about the art room creating books, making paper or engaging in some other book/art related project.

Tuesday was this year's excursion day and amongst other things we made crayons.

Here's the connection my brain wanted to make -- now, I know I am stating the obvious  -- homemade crayons are an incredible expression of individual identities or personalities

  So, wherein lies this obvious connection to their individual identities?

These crayons were not only unique - like each child - they were also different depending upon one's perspective!
...and herein lies another obvious point:  these crayons are a cool reminder that each of these students (and every student) is a rich conglomeration of thoughts, ideas and interests...

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