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Sunday, March 12, 2017

It wasn't NIGHT, but it was NOISY: Mac Barnett and Brian Biggs make a stop on their NOISY NIGHT book tour

Why the passion for creating a cityscape? 
My students were preparing for a visit from Mac Barnett and Brian Biggs, who are on tour for their new book, Noisy Night. 
My library was one very fun and very noisy place! Have a look and listen:
Prior to their visit, my students watched the book trailer for Noisy Night. It was #booklove at first viewing.
Speaking with their elbow partners, the students shared the sounds of things that make their nights noisy and then contributed their voices to the following book connection activities that were available to students:

Table One: create a cityscape 
Table Two: decorate pajamas (from a template I created)

Table Three: create speech bubbles of sounds heard at night

Table Four: draw pictures of sounds heard at night

I taught this lesson with all the kindergarten and first grade students. By the end of two days, I had one NOISY NIGHT bulletin board and one NOISY NIGHT window decoration.

Here are a few more images of the students' work:

Did this preparation help get the children excited for the visit? You bet! 

Did Mac and Brian really need any help getting the children excited during the visit? Not really. 

Thanks for visiting, Mac and Brian!

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