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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"I loved this project. Can we do another one?"

The fourth graders presented their picture book biography projects today! 
The students did a fabulous job of practicing their presenting skills by speaking slowly, looking at their audience, and speaking in an engaging manner.

After the presentations, I asked the students to reflect on the process and share their feedback. I already know something that I would change next time: I would ask for evidence from the text as opposed to talking about quoting the text. Here's what they had to say:

Mrs. Reed, you should also know that...

I think we should use google docs more because it's fun!
Can we do this again?
We should have more time to work
You did a good job explaining the project and over all it was fun.
I think you should do these types of things more often!
I liked this project.
We need more time to do the project.
That you did a great job
It was a little complicated when you said something like command, shift, 4 and how to get the link to a website and stuff related to that. 
I wanted to do google slides but my partner said no.
I liked this project but I wish we had more time          
This was fun
I would like if we could do more presentations
I loved doing something different in Library 
You should make sure everything's clear
It was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved this project can we do another one?
I really enjoyed learning about how to create the presentation 
We didn't have time to do quotes in the book otherwise we would have done them.
You should make sure everything's clear
We need more freedom while making our biography slides. 
This was such a fun project, we should do it more!
I had too little time 
I liked this project
I think that this was a great learning experince and I hope to to it again
We should have more time to work on this and make it more complex.
We did not have enough time to finish
This project was really fun!
I wish we can choose partners.
We should do another google slides presentation
We should do it again
I love to read books about famous people
It was super fun!
I liked doing a google presentation
I want to do this more
That you should do this project forever
I like making this presentation and I would really like to do it again
This was fun
You should do this type of project more often.
Library should be 30 minutes longer. :D
This was awesome and so much fun! :D
I want to do this project again next year but with a different person to study so I could learn about them too.
I wish I could make a google presentation
I liked this presentation project

Lots for me to unpack here, but I think it was a hit!

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