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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First Grade Biographers Read, Create, and Share.

This is what first graders gathering information and sharing their knowledge look like in my library. 

This is what their finished projects look like and sound like:

After watching the videos, students shared something they learned with an elbow partner. Next, they shared something they would change about their own slide and how they felt when their slide was on the screen. Here are some of the words they used to describe how they felt: proud, scared, sad, embarrassed, excited, brave, and uncomfortable. We had a much deeper discussion than I anticipated. I reminded the students that this is a learning journey and explained that they would have many opportunities to practice these communication different skills.  

How we got here. As with my fourth grade biography project, this one is taking longer than expected due to snow days and vacations. Three of the four classes have finished the project, watch the final slide show, and reflected on the whole experience. 

Week One: 
Show students projects from two years ago. Remind students how to access and navigate PebbleGo.
Students explore biographies in PebbleGo and find a person they are interested in both learning about and then sharing that information with others.

Week Two:
Students read or listen to biographies a few times and answer questions on information gathering form. Students create a sketch for their KidPix slide.

Week Three: 
Introduce KidPix
Students Explore KidPix
Students begin sketch

Week Four:
Students complete sketch and use voice feature to share what they learned.

Week Five:
Students watch slide show of the projects and reflect on the process.

Examples of information gathering form:

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