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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Madness: Women's History Month Style: putting together a team that inspires

It's March Madness Women's History Style. Fifth grade students are putting together an afternoon with a few women who have inspired them -  their dream team, as it were.

The students worked with this form:
It might seem odd to put fifth graders on PebbleGo, but the way PebbleGo organizes their biographies, first by women, and then by topic makes it easy to round out a group of women.  
Encyclopedia Britannica organizes the biographies alphabetically. It made it harder to search for people if you didn't have a name in mind.
Nonfiction like this was also a big hit:

Check out some of the dream team afternoons my students have put together. There are quite a few I would pop in on if I could!

This week my students will be creating an illustration for their afternoon. They'll share them and then I'll be displaying them. I am excited for the students and this opportunity to learn about all these amazing women from each other. 

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