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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Night Animals and Finding Winnie top the third grade Mock Caldecott choices

Third graders voted today. Night Animals was deemed to be the book that best met our Mock Caldecott criteria. 

The students also chose honor books, which are: Finding Winnie, Lenny and Lucy, and Waiting.

The students explained the rationale behind their Mock Caldecott Medal choice. This Worldle shows that the students were focused on the illustrations, which is great!

I think that Finding Winnie deserves to win the Caldecott Medal because the art matches the scene that is happening. Also I think the book will appeal to adults and children because at the end it shows how their family lived and in the beginning it shows a sort of child book.

The plot was engaging. The illustrations matched the text that was on each page, which is extremely important. The illustrations were also visually engaging in order to keep student's focus on the book as the text was being read. The factual history that inspired the book was also extremely interesting and made the story that much more intriguing to people of all ages.

I chose Finding Winnie because the pictures match the mood of the story and that it appeals to children.

I chose If You Plant a Seed because the illustrations are really important to understanding the story.

I Like Finding Winnie because it has a fabulous photo album is so cool because it shows cool background of the book

I choose Night Animals because it appeals to kids because of the funny endpapers and because you can see how terrified the night animals are!

I think Night Animals should win because I like how the illustrator made the animals look 3D. I also like the darkness with the eyes I think the color use is good.

I like If You Plant a Seed because I like the very rich painting and the illustrations tell you more than the words and text do, and the expressions are good and somewhat ridiculous on the page where there was one tomato left.

Because I like the same pattern of illustrations on each page. Also,I think that the style is perfect for the calm story.

Because it was funny, and I liked the surprise at the end. And I like how illustrations told what the book did not tell.

Because it shows a lot of affection and emotion.

Because you can't have the book without the pictures.

I liked the little X eyes on the possum when he was scared and the spray coming from the skunk when he was scared.

I think Lenny and Lucy should win because the illustrations show the boy's feeling along the story.

I chose Night Animals is appealing to all ages

The Illustrations tell you whats happening in the book and it is funny.

The reason why I thought Finding Winnie was good was because it's an adventure it felt like a circle. And the illustrations are outstanding.And when you see the page that has the bear tied up sitting next to the bench with the man who tied the bear and he looks cute.

There was a dark background and I like when they shine the flashlight at the animals.

It has great illustrations like when the kid shines the flashlight it makes most of the page yellow,really showing how bright it is.I loved how there were speech bubbles instead of the words being in the corner.I also liked when the Possum fakes being dead,pinching his nose because of the skunk.I liked how each animal was afraid of each other.That made it a really good book to read as a kid.

I think Waiting best met the criteria because the pictures showed what the text did not.

I think that Night Animals should win the mock Caldecott because it has appropriateness and it appeals to me. I like that the illustrations show things that the words don't say.

I think it is appeal and interesting to people all over the world.

I chose Night Animals because the illustrations are funny, but also they are excellent and would appeal to children.

I think Night Animals I can't explain I just really like it.


The reason why I chose If You Plant a Seed shows kindness and it comes back and it was beautiful illustrations!

The book Night Animals appeal to me because it was funny.

I picked Finding Winnie for my first choice because the illustrations match the words.

I chose Finding Winnie because I think that it's appealing to readers to all ages. The pictures are well drawn.

I liked how before the animal who was chasing a smaller animal only showed its little eyes before showing what it actually WAS,so you can take some guesses and see if you were right.Also without pictures you would not be able to see the possum faint and that is SO funny!

I think the color and the shape that the pictures are, make it look more jolly and fun. I wish I had heard it long before.

I think that night animals deserves to win the Mock Caldecott award because it is a truly funny book. And the illustrations are critical to the story.

I like the illustrations when the possum falls over and they do not write it in and when they shine the flash light a lot of the page terns yellow and the kids expression on there face looked liked AHHHHHHH!

because the book is very funny with the possum, and 3-H laughed at most of the pictures. and you cold see with out the writing that he played dead when the skunk sprayed. and there are a lot of colors saying that it is mostly black.

I think night animals should win because it really pulls you into the story.

I think finding Winnie should win because the illustrations are grate and its appropriate.

I like finding Winnie because it is funny and the color matches the story.

I think that Night Animals should win because it does have all four rules.

I chose waiting because, the pictures matched the story on what was happening!

If it did not have pictures then you would not understand the story Night Animals.

I think if you plant a seed is my favorite book because the art is so well done.

I chose that because I loved how they had a food fight in the backyard.

I think Night Animals deserves the Caldecott because the illustrations are appropriate the book.Its appealing,the illustrations demonstrate excellence,and the illustrations are critical to the understanding of the story.

I thought that night animals is worthy because the illustrations fit the story well.

I think night Animals is Appealing to mostly all ages.

I think that the pictures can really describe how the characters feel and there are hardly any words.

Y like the actions and pictures

Its such a happy book.

I chose Finding Winnie because the collage is appropriate
I chose Night Animals because the illustrations are critical to the understanding of the story .

because I like the word bubbles and the art

I chose this book because illustrations match the tone and mood of ''If you plant a seed''.

I think this book is the best here is why; all of the text never blocks the illustration,and the illustration almost looks real

I chose Finding Winnie because the illustrations match the choice of words. I also like that it because it doesn't tell you everything that happens, but the illustrations give you clues of what is happening.

Night Animals should win because it's a funny book; the illustrations tell what the text doesn't.

I chose Finding Winnie because the illustrations were colorful and it was based on a true story.

I chose finding Winnie because I like bears.

I think the illustrations match the story and on to it and it gives clues of what is going to happen next

I think that the illustrations are important to the story because they help tell the journey of Winnie.

I like the illustrations.

because it is so friendly to boys and girls

I picked Finding Winnie for my first choice because I think that the illustrations match the words and I also like how the story moves from generation to generation and ends with a mom telling her son about how it all began.

I chose this book because it really describe what the language was.

I think water is water should win because the illustration really brings out the inside story that helps the reader understand the words.

I think that Night Animals because it is so funny and it has the right type of background.

I chose Waiting because it has a very great use of color and it appeals to children.

I chose Night Animals because it tells more from pictures than writing.

The illustrations tell you about the story and it matches the text.

I chose If you Plant a seed because I think that the illustrations match the story.

The pictures were good and I liked the storyline.It fit together well.Another good thing was that it had TRUE facts.

The reason why I like Finding Winnie is because its has beautiful pictures.Also it has a story of a man at war.

I think that Night Animals is the best because it appeals to kids because the pictures are really funny and you can see how scared the animals are!

I like Lenny and Lucy because in the beginning there is not much color and in the end there is more color.

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