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Friday, December 18, 2015

Fourth Graders Practice Being Good Digital Citizens While Sharing Information on Earth's Forces

The research projects are occurring at a rapid pace these days. The fourth graders are learning about Earth's Forces. My role in this project was to remind them about the resources available on our library web page, including those resources with images. We subscribe to Britannica ImageQuest, which has millions of user-friendly images, and is really the only one we need, but the students do also use the user-friendly images in Encyclopedia Britannica as well as those from the research tools in Google Apps for Education.

My other job was to introduce Google Slides. I talked about what a Google Slide presentation should look like and how a slide presentation should be talking points and not text to read word for word. The students and I then created sample slides. We practiced bringing in images that reinforced the information we had added to the slide and then citing those images. Each classroom contributed a slide. 

I walked through the process for accessing Britannica ImageQuest, search for images, finding one that reinforced the information on the slide, finding the citation, inserting the image and then linking the citation to the image itself and the bibliography slide. 
I did the same for Google Tools.

For the information on the slide, we used knowledge from the class. Here's a look at what we created:

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  1. I can't wait to do this, You broke it down into such manageable steps!