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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Finding Winnie dominates the fourth grade Mock Caldecott

Finding Winnie was a hands down Mock Caldecott Medal choice for the fourth graders.

Followed by honor books: Leo: a ghost story, If You Plant a Seed, and Lenny and Lucy.

Why did the students chose the Medal books they did?

I chose Finding Winnie because it appeals to children,it has excellence in its technique, and the illustrations are key to understanding the book.

I think Leo should win the Mock Caldecott because the pictures are important. One way the pictures are important is that it never says that Leo was alive a long time ago but you can tell by the pictures.
I think it should win because I like how in the beginning it just refers to a mom and a boy, although it could turn from first-person with the mom to a third-person story. The illustrations are so detailed and so beautiful that I can't explain how they make me feel.

I think If You Plant A Seed has amazing excellence and appropriateness of technique because the technique really fits the story. I think the illustrations really help the understanding of the story. There are many details not even mentioned in the story that the illustrations show. I also think it has amazing appeal.

I think that My Pen fantastic in every criteria to start with excellence it is amazing how he made the lighting, shadow, and just pictures themselves with just a fountain pen. I also think that it is very appropriate because it only was pen in the illustrations which also made it important. It also appeals to me the most of all the other books.

Finding Winnie is (in my opinion) the best book because the technique of the book is really good and it's a really fun story!
This book (Finding Winnie) has just the right technique because it appeals to me and the illustrations are nice! I also like the colors.
I think Finding Winnie deserves this award because I think a lot of children would want to know the true story of the well known bear. The pictures show excellence, and really match the mood and words. The pictures are important. That is why Finding Winnie deserves this award.

If you plant a seed teaches people that sharing can be very helpful and will make you a better person. In addition I think that it appeals to children and the illustrations are very good and the story in general is very appealing to children.

Finding Winnie I think it has excellence it also has nice appropriateness I think it would also appeal to most children
I thought "Finding Winnie" is worthy to win the medal because the technique is great, with the painting all flowing together. The pictures looked good too, giving it a great excellence. The illustrations are critical to the book. And I really liked the design which a child (including me) would really like the illustrations. This gives the book a huge chance to get the Caldecott Medal!
I think it really, has good text and teaches you something.
Because the words and the pictures match perfectly.
I think that Finding Winnie best meets the criteria in all ways.
illustrations are perfect!

I think that Finding Winnie meats the criteria because it would appeal to a child and I think that the illustrations were excellent.

This book is amazing and demonstrates excellence.

I think finding Winnie was amazing for all the criteria.

I think it should win because you can see the emotions just by looking at the pictures. And you can see light reflecting of of the characters.

I think Finding Winnie should win the medal because the illustrations are excellent, appropriate, important, and will appeal to children.

I love the detail and importance of the pictures if you look at the picture hard you will find detail like no other book
because of it's importance in the pictures.

i just thought it just matched every thing

I chose it because it has the right colors that go with the book and it has great detail.

The excellence is awesome and everything has a glow that reflects the light. I can almost feel them coming to life.

I chose Finding Winnie because I liked how the pictures help me understand the story.

Such a terrific use of illustrations. You can barely can tell what type of art work was used.

I chose this book because I really like how the illustration matches the mood of the story. I also like how there is such strong friendship in the story.

leo had the perfect colors to fit the scene

I chose if you plant a seed because the illustrations are amazing it appeals to children on so many levels. It is amazing that it gives a moral, but is not boring. ~Maddie

I think that Lenny And Lucy should win the Mock Caldecott because the illustrations really match the text and also because of the use of color, I really like back and white illustrations.
Finding Winnie really appealed to me and I think it's illustrations match the mood.

if you plant a seed has amazing illustrations

I think Finding Winnie should win because of the picture and the pictures show the mood of the story and the excellence of technique is really good also the pictures are important to tell the story also I think it also appeals to a child audience.

I chose Finding Winnie because the excellence of the book is awesome the appropriateness really appeals to kids. the importance is also amazing.

My pen should win the Mock Caldecott because the drawing is awesome!And I want to draw like Christopher myers (he is the author and illustrator.

I think Finding Winnie should win because I loved the pictures and I thought the album at the end showing real pictures was so cool!
I think that the importance of Finding Winnie is really good and I feel like if the illustrations where not there then the story would not mean enough.

I like it because there is only color on things that need to be colorful. I also like it because the appeal is strong.
I think that the pictures are really important to the book and it is really appealing to a child audience.

I think If You Plant a Seed should win the award because the little critters are REALLY cute and the story teaches patience.

Finding Winnie teaches you a important lesson, it teaches you that anything is possible.

I believe that Lenny & Lucy should win the Mock Caldecott medal because it has the perfect technique for the children of all ages.

I like the pictures of how his room looks like a old fashioned room and I like how he plays child games so the appropriateness is very good.

I think the illustration matches the tone of the book.

I like this book because I like the way the author described the characters feelings.

I think Finding Winnie because it appeals to kids the illustrations are great and the importance of the illustrations are pretty important.

I think the technique is awesome and a good tone you need the illustrations because without them it would be impossible . the illustrations appeal.

I think finding Winnie had great everything. I loved the detail.

I think this book is a great book and is very well done.

The appeal to children great and excellent.

I think that the technique really matched the mood.

It deserves a medal because the illustrations are wonderful and it would appeal to young students.

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