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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The EduBlog Awards

Wow! I've been chosen as a finalist in the Best Library/Librarian Blog Category of the EduBlog Awards.The Edublog Awards is a community based incentive started in 2004 that promotes and demonstrates the educational value of blogs and social media.
I am among bloggers that I admire and follow. If you read this blog, I would appreciate your voteWhile you are there, please vote for the other school library blogs that you follow. Missed that last link? Vote here: Edublog Awards

About voting: the thumbs up icon must turn blue and you will see the words, "Thanks for voting!" beside the thumb. You will also need to sign into List.ly to vote. You can do this through your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account. Need more information?The directions are below.

There are many categories to vote in, so why stop here?
Best individual blogBest group blogBest new blogBest class blogBest student blogBest ed tech / resource sharing blogBest teacher blogBest library / librarian blogBest administrator blogMost influential blog post of the yearBest individual tweeterBest twitter hashtag or twitter chatBest free web toolBest educational use of media (audio, video, podcast, etc.)Best educational wikiBest open PD / unconference / webinar seriesBest educational use of a social networkBest mobile appLifetime achievement

Best Library/Librarian Blog - 2014 Edublog Awards
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How to Vote:
Voting With List.ly!

This is the second year in a row where we have leveraged public voting using List.ly. This means you can:
**see the real-time vote counts
**vote for more than one of your favorites!
**embed the actual list and let people vote right on your blog!
**the Tweeter and Lifetime Achievement categories have a built in twitter list you can follow

You must login with or create a Listly account to vote – this is the only way we can make it fair so you can only vote once per finalist per category.

Let us know in the comments below if you are having any problems with voting or have any questions.

How to Vote
You vote as follows:
1.  Go to the Awards Category you want to vote on using the links above.
2.  Click on the  Thumbs Up icon on the blog, website or person you want to vote for.
That’s it! If you aren’t already logged in to list.ly, you can do so using a facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ account.

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