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Thursday, December 4, 2014

"How many insects are in a rotting log?"

That was the question posed by a first grader engaged in a science project based upon a rotting log. The students had an opportunity to practice authentic inquiry and develop a question inspired by their new understanding of the food chain. 

The Rotting Log Project
The students are studying the rotting log in their classroom. They have been learning about and observing this habitat. The students were given various inhabitants of the rotting log to study. The student teacher created a packet for the students that included prompts for information gathering. 

The students used nonfiction books along with the PebbleGo and Encyclopedia Britannica to gather information. The students had been learning about nonfiction books during November, so this was a perfect opportunity to practice using them for information gathering.

I met and planned with the student teacher and helped pull books. We scheduled two library visits. At the start of the first visit, I demonstrated how to navigate to and through the electronic resources. For this first visit, I preloaded the browser for the students. For the second visit, I helped some students and they helped others. 

What does a library full of first grade information gatherers look and sound like?

The students' scientific sketches are as unique as the students themselves:

Rotting Log Food Chain Questions posed by the students:

How many insects are in a rotting log?

What eats a salamander?

What eats a beetle?

What eats a bobcat?

What is the difference between a food pyramid and a food chain?

What does a salamander eat?

What does a worm eat?

I love when my library looks and sounds like this!

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