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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Celebrate: Good Times, Come on!

Discover. Play. Build.

First, a thank you to Ruth Ayres over at Ruth Ayres Writes for hosting this meme. Head on over there to read other celebrations.

I feel like there are many things to celebrate this week.

1. The fifth graders continue to work on their science presentations. I can't wait to share this project. They have been information gatherers, script writers, and prop creators. The productive buzz is contagious.

2. The first graders came to the library  on Wednesday and Thursday for some ocean mammal research. I love having our space filled with busy and eager learners.

3. We started spring vacation yesterday. I don't need a break from the students or school, but I am looking forward to a change in routine and time for reading and being outdoors.

4. It's Easter weekend and my house is full of family. I love having everyone gathered and living through the traditions of the weekend, my favorite of which is the post lunch basketball game. After church, a delicious repast, and an Easter egg hunt, our real personalities arise in a competitive basketball game filled with laughter.

5. The weather today was amazing! We gathered at my parents house in the city and spent a good deal of the afternoon "stoop sitting." 

Happy Saturday to all!

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