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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A poetic snapshot

This poem was written by a fourth grader. I don't think I could have produced something so personal and beautiful at that age (or possibly even now). I continue to be impressed with the students willingness to express their ideas and emotions. The students have been producing blackout, fibs, rebus, acrostic, shape, book spine, 5 senses, Haiku, and free verse poetry.

A snapshot of our poetry-filled week

Free Verse Poems

Rhyming Poems

Blackout Poems


Rebus Poems

5 Senses Poems
(1st graders wrote these)

(Thanks to Peter H. Reynolds and Bob Raczka's 
book Guyku for inspiration)

Book Spine Poems

Shape Poems


Most of the classrooms are engaged in some form of poetry exploration, so my unit compliments this classroom instruction. I've also been collaborating with classroom teachers to bring poetry into the other areas of the curriculum like science and social studies. I'll be posting these soon.

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