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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book Group Blast...Off

Let the conversations begin!

I just started

with my 4th and 5th graders.

I created a Google Formunveiled the new program to the students, showed them how to access the Google Form, and modeled signing up for a book conversation lunch.

I explained how I had set up three main themes for a lunch: author focus, genre time and series spotlight.

I am now three lunches into our new program and I am so happy that my schedule finally allowed for this experience.

I get to eat lunch with a really engaged and engaging group of people, listening and learning all the while.

Thus far, I have not helped establish norms or directed the conversation. The students are already taking ownership and as yet seem to be happy having lunch in a new place and with other readers.

I did take notes because book titles and ideas were being bantered about at a rapid pace.  The fantasy (genre time) book lunch was the most dynamic as yet.

The students shared their top fantasy reads:
The One and Only Ivan
Platypus Police Squad
Smells Like Dog
Percy Jackson
Island of Aunts
Secret of Platform 13
Harry Potter

After listening for a bit, I asked the students why they liked the fantasy genre.  Here are their answers:

"I like the imaginary worlds."

"I like how they create and describe characters. It is different than other books."

"I like that fantasy books make you use your imagination."

"I like that unexpected things happen."

"I like talking animals."

"I like getting lost in other worlds."

"I like escaping into new worlds."

"I like that magic exists."

"I like that authors can create a world that I cannot imagine."

I loved watching these student learning to have conversations around books.  

I am excited to see where these
take us!

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