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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The WRAD Ambassadors Have Spoken!


My fourth grade 
World Read Aloud Day  Ambassadors 
have spoken! 

Read aloud to show how important reading is...

They visited classrooms 
in our school today 
to share 
what they know 
World Read Aloud Day

You can read anywhere you want!

Not only will 
we be reading aloud 
during the school day,
 my fourth graders 
are encouraging 
all our families 
to  read at home 
tomorrow night.
WRAD: the awesome new holiday!

Reading helps you find the treasure inside a book.
Reading helps you learn a lot
I'm excited 
to hear 
the murmur of 
reading aloud 
through the halls! 

I hope 
everyone has a 

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