"I have always imagined that Paradise will be some kind of library." ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I go boldly where no school librarian has gone before...

"Embarrassing myself in cyber space - - - - - the final frontier.
These are the exploits of a school librarian.
This is my mission: to share honest teaching experiences; to educate, inform and entertain;  to go boldly where no school librarian has gone before..."

….into embarrassing territory….

Before I share this gem, allow me a few sentences of background context.  I am a tad busy at this moment in my life. I am: teaching full time; taking a graduate class; Senior Warden at my church (those of you who are Episcopalians will understand what this commitment means); guiding a son through SAT/college visits (i.e., the stressful mine field that is junior year); and, taking a Category I ELL training course.   

This last one, the ELL course is the reason I have the following footage; we have to tape ourselves teaching a class and evaluate the experience from the perspective of an ELL student.  (The above laundry list of my life is only there so you will show me some compassion as you watch the footage.

We are all busy, I just want my business to be the reason for what happened…suffice to say, I am all set on which day of the week it is, but having a much harder time with the actual dates of the week

Not knowing the date and missing an incredibly important birthday?  #embarrassinglyfunny

Having first graders set you straight?  #priceless

Tomorrow is Monday the 5th of March, correct?


  1. We should all be able to laugh with our mistakes as heartily as you did. You're awesome! I wish you could be cloned as a teacher. :*)

  2. Sa-weet! And funny . . . and love that you can laugh at yourself.

  3. March 3rd is my birthday!! Love our you are so real with the kids. That is so important.