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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Part the First: The Process of Making a Book Spine Poem

Today was a great day in the library!

My first graders learned about Book Spine Poems from other first graders via Skype.  

It was a very successful experience.  See for yourself:

(Thank you 100 Scope Notes for introducing this other library teacher and me to this great form of poetry.) 

We did this for three consecutive classes.  Here's how my library was looking well into the first class:

Even better this is how my library look during the classes -- after they had created and photographed their Book Spine Poems -- my students settled in to read!

I love that the students started to read the books they had chosen for their poems, which then turned into a big book swap reading fest on the rugs.

Here's one of the coolest things that happened today. One student went over to the reference section and made a word and then another student joined in.  Check out these Book Spine Messages:
I love that this student came to me with a word he had discovered and then that they thought to turn the "w" upside down to make another word.  Cool stuff.

There was a sweet spirit and wonderful energy in this place today....

Next post: The Product: The Book Spine Poems Revealed.

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