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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Power of Story

I am finishing up a Patricia McKissack author study with the 3rd grade.
Today, I put out a white piece of paper and explained to the students that they did not have to add anything to the paper unless they felt so moved, but that it was there for those students who wanted to share their reflections on Patricia McKissack and the themes in her writing.  
For a quick, fairly open assessment/reflection, I like what I am seeing so far!

I love her books!  There are many ways to approach them.  This year, I have focused on her idea of the power of story and how, through stories, readers learn: problem-solving strategies; societal values; and, about different perspectives. 

 For those of you who have read Flossie and the Fox, we talk about the importance of being clever and why Patricia McKissack gave the fox back his "foxhood." 
 In Mirandy and Brother Wind, we talk about the character trait of determination as well as being an ally and a friend. 

In The Honest to Goodness Truth, we talk about two things as well: being thoughtful and reflective and offering an apologizing.
Here's a wonderful interview from Reading Rockets. I can't say enough about this video interview.  There are so many great themes and discussion points.

Here are a biographical sketch from Scholastic and a biographical sketch from Random House Kids.

Off to read!

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