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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Third Graders vote for the Cook Prize winner

After weeks of reading, my third graders cast their votes for the Cook Prize. The Cook Prize honors the best science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) picture book published for children aged eight to ten. Here are this years finalists:
The third graders and I read the books and discussed them each week. They used the Cook Prize criteria to consider each book.

Accuracy: strict accuracy of content in both text and illustrations
Clarity: concepts and terms defined and explained clearly
Writing: engaging style, rich language
Illustrations/photographs: appealing illustrations/photographs that add information and enhance the text
Format: invites interaction
Organization: material presented in logical, coherent manner
Encourages inquiry: inspires children to further exploration
Research: provides information about research process (in introduction, back matter, and/or in text); acknowledges people connected with research, writing, and illustration of book
Supporting material: includes bibliography, glossary, index, and suggestions for further reading

I have the fun of opening up the ballot box! 

And the winner is:
Journey with 43 votes!

Our honor books are:
Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea: 19 votes
Whoosh!: 13 votes
Follow the Moon Home: 11 votes

Along with casting their votes, the third graders had to explain their reasoning.

Some of my students are thinking that the Cook Prize should become a STEAM prize. 
What do you think?

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