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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Poetry in Motion: Poem in Your Pocket Day 2017

We had an incredibly fun and poetry-filled day.

I created these folder pockets (worn like mail carrier bags), which a few enthusiastic and valiant volunteers used to distribute poems to students and families.

One last poem to distribute!

The hallways were buzzing 
with poetic excitement!

Some pockets were very full of poetry!

Many students brought in poems 
that they wrote or found at home.

Kindergarten and first grade students 
made pockets for their poems during library:

First graders shared their Pocket Poems 
during our library circle.

Fourth Graders decorated many poems 
for the celebration and made all the amazing posters that greeted people at each entrance.

Which poems did we distribute?

One group of first graders organized their own Poem in Your Pocket Day celebration!

Here are some highlights for me:
The fabulous families who answered a late night email for volunteers.  

A teacher excitedly came up to the library to share her first graders' bio poems. Our matched enthusiasm for this event and their work reminded me how grateful I am to work with such wonderful educators.

A second grade teacher shared how much fun her class had sharing poems during morning meeting and reading poems during the read aloud. 

The first graders that I worked with today treated their poems like a valuable commodity, which hopefully planted a tiny seed for the future.

The overall support, participation, and enthusiasm by the entire community - teachers, students, staff, and families.

It was a wonderful celebration. I am sad that we have to wait 364 days to experience it again.

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