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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Learning about Thick and Thin Questions

My library colleagues and I created a unit on crafting thick and thin research questions that aligns with the fifth grader's study of Colonial America. I might be showing my nerdy side, but I love going through these lessons with the students. This unit also affords an opportunity to see them put their new knowledge into action as they develop thick and thin questions for their chosen topics. Then they'll be returning to the library to find answers to their questions. All great stuff.

Here's the introduction slide show that we put together:

At this point, the students worked in groups to assess each of the questions. They had to provide their reasoning behind three of their answers. Their answers demonstrated their grasp of the subject.

The students shared our their reasoning and then we checked their answers.

With this grasp of thick and think questions established, the students practiced SEE-THINK-WONDER with this image.
In the wondering stage of the process they had to produce both thick and thin questions. This activity clarified and solidified the students' understanding. They are ready to craft their questions!

I am looking forward to the learning that lies ahead!


  1. I really like this lesson! I definitely want to have more inquiry in the library next year.

    Have you modified it for younger grades?

    1. Yes! it was a part of the penguin research for first grade. We looked at which questions are easier to answer (thin) and harder (thick).