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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wherein the amazing Liesl Shurtliff visits our school

The amazing Liesl Shurtliff visited with our third, fourth, and fifth grade students. It was an incredible visit and based upon my fourth graders reflections, one that will stay with them for quite a while.

These four photos give a sense of how Liesl engaged the children: 

Want to see and hear more? 

 Prior to her visit, the students created fan art inspired by her books.

 A map of The Mountain, The Woods, Yonder, and Beyond.

Red and her path through The Woods.

A novelty pencil with Liesl's name, 
since she couldn't find one when she was young.

The questions for Liesl are still coming in:

"If you have multiple ideas that you really like, but you can only use one, how do you decide which one?" ~ Fahran

"My name is Tierney (Tear-knee), and I was wondering how you think you would be different if you had another name?"

"Are you going to write a book on Goldie?" ~Leni

I love this note from a fifth grade teacher.

Thanks for inspiring us, Liesl!

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