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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Ideas can grow like a tree" Six word reflections on a visit from Liesl Shurtliff

What or who inspired these six word reflections? Liesl Shurtliff and her fabulous books! Check out here visit to our school here.

I asked my fourth grade students to share their reflections on a recent author visit using only six words.  You have to read these. 

Clearly Liesl's story about conversations with her editor resonated with this student:

Love how these two students concretely showed the importance of editing:

This students heard her message that each story is like a small mustard seed:

Now, that's praise for an author and her visit:

Liesl put an important emphasis on editing:

Liesl talked about how writing is like mining, you need to dig for your best work, and then hone and polish it:

More inspiration from Liesl's visit 
can be found here:

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