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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ReedALOUD: Penguin and Pumpkin

Today the kindergarten students used four of their five senses to share what they know about fall or autumn. (After clarifying what our five senses are and how we use them to take in information and learn about the world.) 

Using our sense of sight, we see...
~leaves changing color
~leaves on the ground
~orange and yellow leaves
~beautiful colorful trees
~pumpkins in fields
~leaves falling from trees
~people picking apples
~children jumping in leaf piles
~leaves blowing in the wind
~trees swaying in the wind
~branches falling
~flowers wilting and going to sleep
~branches on the trees getting bare
~squirrels and birds gathering food for the winter and their babies in the spring

Using our sense of touch, we feel...
~breezes on our faces
~cold air

Using our sense of hearing, we hear...
~acorns dropping
~leaves crunching
~animals scurrying

Using our sense of smell, we smell...
~pies cooking
~pine needles
~damp leaves

After activating this prior knowledge I introduced Penguin and Pumpkin by Salina Yoon.
The students made connections between the cover photo and their signs of fall observations.  We then read this sweet story from Salina Yoon in which "Penguin and Bootsy plan a field trip in search of Fall, Penguin's little brother, Pumpkin, wants to come. Pumpkin is heartbroken to find out he's too little to go, and when Penguin tries to say good-bye, his brother is nowhere to be found! At the farm, all the pumpkins Penguin sees remind him of his own special Pumpkin. So Penguin and Bootsy bring a special surprise home to share a little touch of Autumn with Pumpkin."

During browsing and borrowing, the students helped Pumpkin by sharing what they know about fall:
KL and KT

KM and KP

The students also put marker to paper to collaboratively create art to help Pumpkin learn about fall:


  1. A great post for autumn! Glad to see the students enjoying Penguin and Pumpkin so much.

  2. This is so clever, and so sweet! I loved hearing the voices of your students. Thank you for sharing my book. The art is a delight!!!