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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

How do these items relate to being a good 
digital citizen?

I've been asking my third through fifth grade students this question all week. I have the actual items in a Digital Citizenship Survival Kit on my bench. They've been meeting in the table groups to discern the reasons for each item.  For my students, each thing has had at least two, if not three or four, reminders relating to being a good digital citizen.  For instance the soap reminds them to have clean hands, be neat, and keep their language clean. This great idea comes from Craig at Comfortably 2.0. He has generously given permission for others to use the Digital Citizenship Survival Kit.

The interactive nature of the lesson along with the tangible and familiar household items has resulted in a more engaging and meaningful discussion around digital citizenship. The ease of using Padlet makes it an ideal tool to integrate into a thirty minute lesson. 

Fourth Graders brainstormed other familiar objects to add to a survival kit.

The fifth graders reflected on the efficacy of the survival kit (referred to as a toolkit) versus BrainPop movies and other methods of learning about Digital Citizenship.

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