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Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Why are they building a wall and do they know if any people are already living in that area?"

The fifth graders and I continue to explore the eBook resources for the Colonial America unit. Read about last week's lesson on this post: "Why did they accuse people in the first place, if they had no real evidence?" Today, the students practiced the visual literacy strategy: See.Think.Wonder.  This is what the library looked like and sounded like. #magical
The first part of the lesson involved reviewing the data from last week's scavenger hunt. I also modeled how to access and navigate the eBook.

Next, I introduced See.Think.Wonder. We practiced the strategy with this image:
I reinforced the importance of sticking to what they saw versus what they thought.  After going through each step, I brought up the same image with the caption.
We processed this and then I demonstrated how to get to the Google Form where they would practice See.Think.Wonder. on their own with this image:
Here is what they saw:
-mostly men almost no woman

"People gathering lumber, armed soldiers armed with pikes and muskets, living grounds, people pumping water, A pot with water, people building a teepee, British flag, three ships, people felling a tree, bushes, slightly cloudy sky, people unloading from ships, trees, colored leaves, white people, green leaves, shrubs, a forest"

"People, village, boats, trees, water, air, houses, fences, spears, weapons, armor, hats, villagers, grass, dirt, rocks, bushes, puddles, metals, humans, tools, workers, sticks, wood, clothes, boots, shoes, swords, leaves, clouds."

"In the image above, I see many tents or teepees, some people dressed in armor and helmets, and other people cutting down trees and bringing them to the group of tents. I also see the ocean, ships, trees surrounding the clearing, and people building a wall of tree trunks around the gathering of the teepees."

"3 Ships, 4 men carrying a log, a fort in progress"

"I see three boats, a village, a guard with a spear, four people carrying a branch or log, two people chopping wood, and lots of people by the boats.
People are gathering wood, one person has armor and a metal pike, three ships are docked in the bay, and two of them are smaller that the third.  A beriar is being made around a small amount of wooden-fleched huts, and this is all in a clearing surrounded by forests"

"Three men with fancy hats who are carrying spears and four who are dressed normally ( but in clothes that look like they're from a long time ago) and are carrying logs, two men who are chopping a tree and lots building a fence around a small settlement."

Some of the answers verged into the "think" category:
I see many people working hard, to accomplish settlement or work.

"the pilgrims building there village and are settling down with ships docked and the forest.
a village, a bunch of ships, people, walls being built"

"I see the three ships, the Nina , the Pinta and the Santa maria. I see men at work building a village. I see men building walls around the village."

Here is what they thought:
"Where are they?

"Who are they?

"Where did they come from?"

"I think some men are coming back  from cutting down wood, and is bringing it back so them and the rest of their people can create a village to live in and also they started to load their everyday things of the ship."

"I think that people are cutting down trees to make a fence around the village"

"Building huts after settling in America, the people are pilgrims, the two smaller ships hold supplies and the big one holds people.  The pilgrims are settling!"
"I think that in the image, some people are cutting down trees and building a wall around the group of tents for protection from other tribes and animals. I also think that other people are loading the ship with things to bring to wherever they're going on a voyage to."

"I think the people in the picture are making a small settlement. They look Spanish, and I think they may be coming from Spain, (they are wearing what looks like Spanish armor.) I think they have recently landed at the New World and are led by Columbus because some of the people in the picture look like farmers that Columbus might have wanted to come along on the journey, and some look like knights and other rich people who have been sent by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain. Also, I think they are led by Columbus because Columbus sailed three ships, the Pinto, the Santa Maria, and the Nina, and there are three ships in the picture. Finally, I think the season is fall."

"I think that is Columbus in Hispaniola with his 3 ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, settling in the new world."

"The Spaniards colonizing an area, and gathering lumber to start a settlement because you see them coming off the ships, so they obviously just came." 

"Columbus has just landed and is starting to colonize."

"I think that people are slaves for the people on armor."

"I think that they are the Europeans going to the new land and the ""houses"" are the Native Americans and they captured them and put them as slaves"

"People are building a community, they are taking over land, and they are Spanish."

"Looks like the english are arriving at Native American's land and taking over it."  

"I think that these people have just arrived traveling by boat and they are setting up in the village of Native Americans. I think that the people who live here are Native Americans because I know that Native Americans live in tepees and tent like houses."

"It looks like people are maybe staying there for a while because it looks like they're making somewhere kind of permanent to stay."

Here is what they are wondering:
"where are all the women?"

"I wonder what time of year this was."

"Why are the building a wall and do they know if any people are already living in that area?"

"I am wondering if it really is Columbus, and if the three ships really are the Pinto, the Nina, and the Santa Maria? I'm wondering if they came from Spain, or if they came from another European country like Italy, England, or Portugal? Also, if they are coming from England, are they pilgrims, or are they nobles? Are they even coming from Europe at all? Also, what kind of armor are they wearing? How long have they been at the New World? Are they even at the New World at all? If not, where are they? If they are at the New World, what part of it did they arrive at? Also, are they getting ready to sail somewhere else, or have they just arrived somewhere? If they have just arrived, why did they leave? Did they not like their democracy? Did they leave for protection? Or did they just sail somewhere for adventure? I'd also like to know what kind of wood they are using for the huts and for the wall surrounding the settlement, what the temperature is in the picture, who the artist is, and when the picture was made. What type of paint was used to make the picture? Also, what was the date  in the picture? Also, is the season fall? If not, what season is it? Sorry I'm taking so long; one more thing: what types of trees are growing in the picture? Also, did the artist have a daughter? A son? A wife? A husband? Finally, is it a he or a she? Or a girl or a boy?"
"Are these people the pilgrims? Are they discovering America? If so, where are the Native Americans? Are they building a new colony? How many people are here?"
"Are there more settlements or are they they the only one?"

"I wonder how long it will take to finish the fence."

"Also, why are they building a fence?"

"Who are these people? Are they staying here for a long time? How long have they been where they are? Do they really belong here? Why are the people here? Is any other religion there other than them?, (Maybe people who arrived before them? Are they doing this by option? Where have they come from?"

"Is this the pilgrims settling?"

"if it is Christopher Columbus which trip is he on because he went to america more than once"
"what year this was?"

"i wonder who they are, is it just a coincidence that they have three ships and columbus had three ships, what time period is it,are there any woman there, why are some people in armor and some people not, are they Europeans"

"Are the people Europeans? What are they doing with the wood? What dangers are worrying them to cause them to make a fence? Why are people in armor?"  

"Why is there a knight?"

"Is the body of water a lake, river, or ocean"

"Are there other people?"

"Are they the conquistadors or not?"

"If they are not building a community, what are they building?"

"I wonder why they came to the land."

"I wonder if this is Christopher Columbus' journey because there are three ships and I know that Columbus came with three ships: The Niña, The Pinta, and The Santa María."

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