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Friday, January 9, 2015

Sometimes all you need is...YOGA

With temperatures hovering around 15 or below most of the week, recess has not been an option, which means that the students have not moved or played freely enough, which means that their bodies could be like squirmy worms and their minds could be like pinball machines chasing after ideas.  To their credit, they managed the week well, but I did notice an increasing amount of fidgeting with the first graders on Wednesday. Knowing that Thursday was going to be even colder weather and that I would see them in thirty-minute increments from 1:00-3:00 all afternoon, I wisely listened to my colleague who suggested I try a yoga video she had used with the second graders. I had been planning to read or sing with them, but this sounded much more appealing.  I am SO glad I did. It was fabulous. Check out the students doing yoga:

You can find the yoga video here.


  1. I used to do some yoga stretches with the little guys before we started reading. My favorite was the tree pose ... it took them a while to get it but they were so proud when they did! Of course, that was back when I was going to yoga and could do it myself. Hmmm. Perhaps With The Kids could get me going again ...

    1. Yes! I am thinking of incorporating more poses, etc... into my lesson time. Let me know what you found most successful.