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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole and find...

I have been eager to read Sam & Dave Dig a Hole with my students. I have been a huge fan of Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett ever since I heard them talk about their writing and illustrating process for Extra YarnWhen they team up together, these two talented and successful people create well-wrought and thought-provoking books.  

I have waited for the proper time to read Sam & Dave Dig a Hole with students, one with ample time for discussion, luckily that occasion arose last week.  All I can say is, the experience was all that I hoped. I very much enjoyed watching the students faces and hearing them laugh as they followed Sam and Dave along on their quest for something spectacular. It's fascinating to see the reaction spread as they take in that Sam and Dave have not landed in the same place and then to watch and listen to the creative and critical thinking as the students try to piece together what might have happened. We also talked about how the journey is just as, if not more, important - because of the experiences and memories collected along the way.

After the discussion, the students used Storybird to share what they each thought happened next in the story. The ideas range from serious to silly, existential to theoretical. I should have had them write their idea first to see how much the art options in Storybird influenced their ideas. *next time*

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  1. We are reading this book today! Looks like your students really enjoyed it. :)