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Saturday, November 22, 2014

"It has meant that my family has started to read picture books more!!!"

This Wordle represents the responses to the question, "What has Picture Book Month Meant to You?" That the words - lot, time, read, reading, picture, books - stand out tells me that the students appreciated the reason and opportunity to slow down and read. Picture Book Month has been a real celebration.
Here are some individual responses:

"I can stop and read picture books."

"It meant to me that I could re read the picture books I haven't read in a while. I could go into the past."

"It gave me a chance to really rediscover my own collection of picture books as well giving lifelong lessons."

"It has meant that my family has started to read picture books more!!!"

"Picture book month meant to me was slugging my heavy backpack every Friday."

"I have been spending way more time reading than watching tv, and it has been fun to just sit down, relax, and read!"

"picture book month has meant a lot  to me because I read a lot and learned a lot of things."

"It has meant a lot to me because I love reading."

"I get to re-read all the book I read as a child."

"It reminds me of my childhood and I love it!"

"Picture book month means to me a chance to go back to when I was younger."

"It meant that i have had a new adventure every time i turn a page"

"I really discovered that I actually figured out that I enjoy reading picture books."

"It made me want to read more picture books."

"They have meant that I  get to spend more time traveling into different worlds through books with my mom."

"It showed me that picture books aren't only for little kids."

"It has shown me that picture books can be amazing"

"I think for the upper grades(3-12) kids start only reading chapter books and picture book month is a time for those students to really understand how awesome picture books are!"

"That it is a another chance to read more and promote reading."

"They have meant sitting down and reading a picture book."

"That you have to be willing to pick up a picture book instead of your chapter book."

"It has meant that I have gotten to read books that I will almost never read."

"I am reading more books than I thought."

"It meant that I went back and read picture books from when I was a little girl."

"It meant everybody could take a break from chapter books and focus on reading picture books."

"Picture book month means to me, I feel like I'm going on adventures."

"Picture book month means to me that I get a Whole month of reading for fun!"

"Picture book month hasn't meant much to me."

"A lot, Picture Book Month really helped me read more picture books."

"I realized that picture books are better than I thought they were."

"It's meant reading with my little brother."

"Picture book month has meant reading books that I would have never read if there was never a challenge."

"It has been a great experience to read books and learn interesting facts about the animals i read about."

"it's been a long time since iv'e read picture books and there pretty funny."

"Picture book month means a lot to me. I used to only read chapter books, but I now I love them!"

"Picture book month has shown me that a picture book is just as interesting and fun as any other book."

This Wordle represents the responses to the question, "Is there a particular titles that stands out for you?" 

Pigeon Takes a Bath.
Grandma's Summer 
The Empty Pot
Ring! Yo?
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild
Lily's Purple Plastic Purse
This is Not My Hat 
Ring, Yo
WW2 Eyewitness"
Flora and the Flamingo
Thank you, Mr.Falker 
Flossy and the Fox
Art and Max
This Is Not My Hat
Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?
Little Red Writing
The Scaredy Squirrel series 
You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer
Sam and Dave Dig a Hole
Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons 
Sam and Dave Dig a Hole
Duck & Goose
Sam and Dave Dig a Hole
 Lions and Gazelles
Something From Nothing
Duck and Goose
Julius the Baby of the World
Do Dinosaurs Eat Pizza?
Sam and Dave Dig a Hole
The Painter 
Shark vs.Train 
Olivia Goes to Venice.
Big Al 
A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever

Love the responses to these two questions:

Based upon all these responses, this Picture Book Month Celebration has been a huge success.

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