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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Midwinter Night's Dream

My apologies to William Shakespeare, but my experience at Midwinter was just like his play, but set in winter, in Philadelphia....
This was my first American Library Association Midwinter Conference and it was like a dream. 

I loved being part of discussions, at the national level, regarding school library programs. I feel empowered and inspired to continue the advocacy and legislative work of MSLA, our state board, as well as expand outreach efforts and build membership.

When not in Affiliate Assembly Meetings for the American Association for School Librarians, I attended meetings where I heard about the latest in school library research. There was significant discussion about accessing and promoting research, including the White Paper.

There were also some open meetings regarding books.  I was intrigued to hear the discussion of the Notables committee. The volume of books the committee discusses is astounding,

Time seemed to slow and allow for the leisurely browsing and reading of books in the publishers' booths. I created many vines, many vines, here are a few pictures though: 

I enjoyed the conversations with the publishers and editors. I was able to hear background information on books as well as have questions about certain books answered.   

I talked books (a lot) with bookish people. Enough said.

Then there was the completely out-of-this-world experience of being in the room during the American Library Association Youth Media Awards announcements.
Here there be phone calls made - very early in the morning.

The ballroom!

Barbara Stripling kicking off the event.

Laura and me waiting for the event to begin.

Our reaction to Flora and the Flamingo

Our reaction to Flora and Ulysses

I did not want to wake from this Midwinter Night's Dream. I can't wait until next year!

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