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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Assessing the impact of a Mock Caldecott Unit

I saw the fourth graders today.  I had an incredible amount of fun revealing the American Library Association Youth Media Award winners.  The fourth graders had been engaged in a Mock Caldecott unit for the past few weeks.  You can read about the unit here. You can find their evaluation rubric here. You can read about their Mock Caldecott winners here. 

I am starting the assessment of the Caldecott unit. The classroom teachers are working on opinion writing with the students. I figured I would give the students some practice! Here are their opinions regarding the question, "Should the Caldecott unit be part of the curriculum next year?"

Should I include a Caldecott Unit in my 4th grade curriculum next year?
I think I have my answer.


  1. The best part of this is the fact that they are fourth graders and want to read picture books! So many times they are discouraged from reading them and this is so unfair! Since I teach fourth, I might have to think about doing this myself. Do you have any suggestions on implementation or changes you would make?

    1. Hi Leigh, I think you should include this unit next year! In a classroom you can include more time for discussion, which would be optimal.The other thing I would add is having them practice the persuasive or opinion writing by writing about each book as it is read, not just using the evaluation rubric. I am still processing and assessing the unit, so will have to get back to oyu on the rest!