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Saturday, June 1, 2013

We're all in this together

There are wonderful school communities across the United States and around the globe, but boy do I love the one I work in - the students and staff make every day a great day to show up at work.  

Back in October, I wrote about my school community in this post, On Community.  

Tonight was another great night for our school.  It was the staff versus students soccer game.  The game is a Relay for Life Fundraiser.  If you read the On Community post you will learn that our principal is a Cancer survivor.  

The students each pledged an amount to the Relay for Life Fundraiser to play in the game.  We play the students from one grade at a time and each grade gets three rotations of play.  I might add that we play eight adults to their twenty odd players!

It's really about coming together to fight Cancer, but, let me be honest, the soccer is a complete blast. This is a night that I was looking forward to all year.  I look forward to it for two reasons, first, the camaraderie with the staff is awesome and second, the thrill of seeing their faces light up as they run onto the field to challenge their teachers.  

I was on the field too often to also take pictures from the sidelines, but here are a few of the kindergarten team taking on the principal and some very valiant teacher players.

Our principal carrying the ball down the outside
Our principal fending off a student challenge
A teacher making a defensive run

We're all in this together.

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