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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Second Graders share what they learned about...

...some very cool animals!

The second graders have been learning about animals that live on the African continent.  They have been using both online and print encyclopedias as well as nonfiction books.  It has been exciting to watch them take ownership over the process. Taking good notes was an integral part of the process.  I loved watching the students work hard to write down  "words and phrases that were in their own words" as well as illustrate or draw their new found knowledge.

Hearing a child stand up and lean over a computer to share new information with a classmate: 
"My animals eats what your animal leaves behind."  
"My animals eats your animal!" 
"My animal can be as long as a station wagon!"

The students produced nonfiction "All About" books for their animals.  They also created a Kid Pix slide that had to demonstrate the habitat of the animal along with a picture of the animal and some facts.  Here are their slides.

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