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Friday, June 21, 2013

Careening Into Summer

Picture a scene from To Catch a Thief, Hawaii 5-O, or some other movie or TV show, where a car is driving just within control down a twisting road.  This is what the end of this school year feels like.  

There is always this push right up to the last day and days after, but this year, because of snow days, MCAS, and odd schedules, it feels more like careening.  Each day in the last week has had this sense of being in a car that is driving erratically down the road. Four days of school left and students are still creating content in the library! We are busy learning, people. Each day:

**The students and I are actively working on projects.  
**I am preparing my library for the installation of a sprinkler system (read: boxing up books).  
**I am managing the administrative tasks of closing down a library - inventory, statistics, weeding and ordering for next year.  
**I am still teaching lessons.  

Up until today this is.  Today was the last day of classes for library teachers.  The last day for students is this coming Wednesday and we have to be out of our building by Friday (for the construction).  

Each day might involve, taking down signage, inventorying a section of the library, teaching a class, setting up the technology for graduation, and/or working with the students to create Kid Pix slide shows for their research projects....you get the drift.  We are all busy, every teacher, every parent, every person involved in the academic cycle.  We will not go gently into this good night.

HENCE...why I feel like I am careening into summer and my trip to Chicago to the American Library Association Annual Conference.  What a way to kick off summer.  Woo Hoo!  I love that I begin my summer by hanging out with readers, writers, readers and writers, publishers, librarians -- lovers of the written word.  Lucky Me!

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